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From Wiki: Abbot Hall is a town hall and historical museum located at 188 Washington Street, Marblehead, Massachusetts.[2] It is open year-round, though with restricted hours in the colder months.[3]

In addition to serving as the seat of Marblehead’s town government, Abbot Hall contains the original of the widely-reproduced Spirit of '76 painting by Archibald MacNeal Willard,[2] the deed to Marblehead from the Nanapashemet tribe of Native Americans (dated 1684), a bust of native son and U.S. Vice-President Elbridge Gerry, a painting of Marbleheaders rowing Washington across the Delaware, a painting by primitivist J.O.J. Frost and a number of other historical artifacts.


The clock in the tower of Abbot Hall is a Howard #2S installed in 1877 and is governed by a 10 ft (3.0 m) pendulum escapement, driven by an 86 lb (39 kg) weight.[2] The clangor escapement is governed by a flutter vane assembly and is powered by a 292 lb (132 kg) weight.[2] The Bell was cast by Meneely & Kimberly in Troy, New York.[4] Every week the maintenance workers ascend the tower to wind the movements. There are many stories about the clock from local authors.[5]


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